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One of the primary motivations behind creating Sativa was so we didn't have to wait for the next conference to go meet fellow cannabis professionals.

- Matt Dahse
Co-Founder of Sativa

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Sativa Was Created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

This Is Our Story

Sativa was founded by Matt Dahse and Angelo Soto; two serial entrepreneurs with whiteboards in their living rooms who are always on the scout for new and creative ways to make money.

We started getting into the business side of cannabis in 2016. We attended conferences, soaked up as much info as we could, and met fellow cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals who were far more experienced than us. We'd leave these conferences overwhelmed with all the opportunities and the challenges this industry presents, but excited at all the possibilities.

Our time away from the conferences were spent in front of whiteboards trying to figure out the best opportunity for us to tackle together. Should we grow plants, process flower, or open a retail store? What state market should we enter? How do we raise money in this regulatory climate?  We wanted to find a project that maximized our individual strengths while fitting within the lifestyle we each wanted.


The idea for Sativa emerged when we realized that we didn't yet know enough to really make the right business decision. We needed to talk to more industry experts, find entrepreneurs who were already successful, and learn more about this huge and increasingly complex industry.

With Sativa, we want to create a place where cannabis entrepreneurs can have 24/7 access to each other to bounce ideas, find opportunities, and collaborate together; just like we do when we're all a together at cannabis conference in Denver or Las Vegas.

In truth, we don't really know what the heck we're doing when it comes to cannabis. But we each bring our own skills, lessons learned from previous businesses we've owned, and hard work. Together we can share resources, help each other, and navigate this exciting landscape of legalized cannabis.

We're Serious About Growing Our Cannabis Business.

We believe in collaboration over competition.
We believe in the power of community to support, encourage, and learn from one another.
We work 90 hour weeks to turn the corner on our new cannabis business.
We wake up at 3am and get to work because we want to be first to market with our idea.
We bore our friends to death talking about opportunities in this industry.
We are addicted to entrepreneurship and building our own cannabis empire.

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